Dabbing Rigs, or wax rigs, are water pipes specially designed for use with concentrates and extracts. They’re designed to hold a nail or skillet that gets heated up, often using a torch,  until it is hot enough to volatilize the concentrate, with a median heat of around 710 degrees Fahrenheit.

Small oil rigs are often preferred for dabs. Using a petite, compact rig retains the concentrate’s flavor or terpenes by keeping the vapor thick, dense and milky. The less space the vapor needs to travel through, the harder the hit. If dab vapor cools, it will condense into resin and stick along the side of the dab rig. In contrast, the bigger the tube, the more diffusion occurs — and the more diffusion that occurs, the more oil is lost.

Since dabbing requires no combustion, there’s no need for a complex filtration system as seen in dry-herb water pipes. Percolators, for example, are used to filter out ash and enhance flavor in traditional water pipes for flower, but that’s unnecessary when it comes to concentrates. When choosing a rig, keep it simple, economic and efficient!