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Our Quartz Carb Caps are more durable than non-quartz glass. Use a Quartz Carb Cap to allow low-temperature dabs, ensure the best-tasting vapor possible and protect your products during use. The angled design of the Quartz Carb Cap fits perfectly over Banger-style nails and creates a vortex that circulates airflow evenly and retains heat efficiently.

Choose from: Straight Dabber, Sidecar-style Dabber, or no Dabber.

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With an angled design perfect for use with a Quartz Banger nail, the Quartz Banger Carb Cap is a must-have, two-in-one dabbing accessory for those who enjoy experimenting with temperatures and enhancing their products’ flavors by preserving terpenes. The sharp end on the handle makes it the perfect dabber for a variety of concentrate viscosities, and this carb cap works with most banger nails.

One purpose of the Quartz Banger Carb Cap is to cover the nail and create a seal to ensure less vapor escapes. Additionally, carb caps help to create a uniform temperature within the surface area of the nail to vaporize concentrates evenly and efficiently. Thanks to the transparency of quartz, users can watch as a vortex is created after placing the Quartz Carb Cap on top of the nail, circulating the airflow and increasing the nail’s heat retention.

Although quartz heats up faster than titanium or ceramic, it has the shortest heat retention. When the Quartz Carb Cap is paired with a banger nail such as the 4 millimeter Quartz Banger, the Quartz Carb Cap nearly doubles the nail’s heat retention — allowing users to smoke bigger or multiple dabs. Use the Quartz Carb Cap with the 4mm Quartz Banger for a guaranteed smooth, flavorful hit every time.

Low-temperature dabs between 300°F and 400°F are the tastiest and preserve every part of the oil, including THC and terpenes. For the smoothest, tastiest, low-temperature dabs, pair a Quartz Banger with the Quartz Carb Cap.

Using the Quartz Carb Cap maximizes the amount of vapor produced and avoids pooling or puddling of waxy concentrates, which helps keep the nail clean and amplifies its efficiency.

Being a chemically inert, food and medical-grade material, quartz produces no harmful gases or toxins after being heated to extreme temperatures. Quartz is also stronger and more durable than both borosilicate glass and ceramic.

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Side Car, Straight, No Dabber

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