Titanium Banger Carb Caps


Looking for an indestructible carb cap to use with that brand new banger? Good news: Yo Dabba Dabba’s got it covered with the titanium banger carb cap! Designed with a slanted top, this titanium carb cap fits perfectly over the bent-necked bowl of any banger and cleverly utilizes a sidecar air-intake hole to retain the vertical positioning of its stem.

Choose between a ball point and flat point dab tool depending on the concentrates you use.

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Bangers are great…until it comes time to find a carb cap that fits right over that oddly shaped cup. That’s why Yo Dabba Dabba started carrying the titanium banger carb cap!

Unlike ordinary carb caps which require twisting, turning and sometimes wiggling to restrict the airflow of a banger enough to do its job, the titanium banger carb cap has a slanted cap, making it easy to use despite the nail’s angled bowl. Made of Grade 2 Titanium, this carb cap enhances the flavor and vapor of low-temperature dabs by creating a partial vacuum over the nail, thanks to its cleverly crafted sidecar air-intake hole. With the air-intake hole drilled at an angle, the titanium banger carb cap creates a vortex that circulates airflow and insulates the nail, preventing pooling or puddling of waxy concentrates.

An additional benefit of using a carb cap is that it helps to retain vapor that would have otherwise been lost.

This two-in-one carb cap also doubles as a handy dab tool, making it easy for you to maneuvre your dabs onto the nail. Choose between a round and flat head depending on the concentrates you use.

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Weight .1 lbs
Dimensions 3 × .5 × .5 in

Ball Point, Flat Head


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