Regular old weed is great and everything, but sometimes you have to try something new. If you’re into intense doses of THC (you are), dabbing fits the bill.

But how do you use dabs? And what exactly are they? Here’s a primer on how to smoke dabs, and why you should give it a try.

First, know that “dabs” go by several other names – wax, hash oil, honey oil, shatter, and the list goes on. But the idea is the same in every case: cannabis is concentrated into a potent, semi-liquid, semi-solid form that is then “dabbed” using an “oil rig.”

How to smoke dabs

How Are Concentrates Made?

This oil is usually made by spraying weed with a solvent, most commonly butane or rubbing alcohol, collecting the liquid that results, and then boiling off what remains of the solvent. This evaporation is typically accomplished by placing the oil in a Pyrex glass container and the container in a double boiler, or by setting the container on top of a pot full of boiling water.

How to Smoke Dabs

So how to smoke wax? Well, the idea is simple. You first superheat a glass or titanium “nail,” which is not really a nail in the traditional sense, but rather a receptacle for dabs. You then dab a drop of the oil onto the nail. This combusts the oil and sends a plume of potent smoke through the oil rig and into your lungs.

The oil rig is simply a glass pipe with a hole for the nail, a dome to cover the nail and prevent vapor from escaping into the air, a chamber similar to a bong, and a mouthpiece. It’s essentially the same as any other pipe, except for its shape and the presence of the nail.

There are a couple ways to heat the nail. The most popular is using a butane torch that is aimed directly at the nail. The flames are extremely hot – and at least a little dangerous – but that’s kind of the point. The nail needs to be exposed to intense heat in order to combust the dabs.

Use an eNail for Complete Convenience

You could also try the Yo! Dabba Dabba Classic eNail, a device that uses an electric charge to heat your nail without flames or hazardous butane. It’s still very, very hot, so be careful in how you smoke dabs with it. But it’s a great, simple way to apply just the right temperature and avoid the risk of a fire.

Dabs come in a few forms. Sometimes the oil is fairly liquid (hash oil), and sometimes it’s hard, solid, and breakable (shatter). Either way, the principle is the same: heat, dab, inhale.

That, in a word, is how to smoke dabs. If you’ve never done it before, you’re in for a treat. Dabs are potent, and the high is long-lasting. Many people prefer dabs to standard weed, but whatever your choice, dabs are definitely worth a try.

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