The team over here at Yo Dabba Dabba has spent a lot of time determining which titanium nails to carry.  A lot of factors can come into play when you’re shopping for your first nail. Size: do you need 10mm, 14mm, 19mm? Male or female? Adjustable, fixed, domeless? Should I get Titanium, Quartz, or Ceramic? This list goes on and on.

Not only do we strive to bring you the best nails, we would like to help you decide what is best for you, as well as inform you about the possible dangers of buying cheap titanium.

Quality Nails Provide Optimal Performance

After safety, the more important element is functionality. Our research and development team checks each nail, determining the level of air flow, amount of heat retained, and endurance. It is important that your nail has a good amount of air flow, and that there is not a significant amount of resistance from the nail when taking a dab. A good nail should hold heat properly and should disperse that heat evenly. This assures that the user gets the most of their product and it doesn’t splatter concentrate upon contact. Finally, endurance is important. It’s not fun to spend $50 on a product that you’ll only get to use for a few weeks. A good nail will be able to withstand daily use for a long time.

Dab Nail Comparison

A selection of our Quartz Dab Nails

Types of Dabbing Nail

There are a few different types of nails you can use with your oil rig. They each have thermal properties that allow them to absorb and hold extreme heat, as well as a high resistance to heat stress. However, some materials offer certain advantages over the others. We’ve outlined the most important information about the different types of dab nails below.

Quartz (Qz) Nails

Quartz nails are the most popular type of nail on the market today, and for good reason. Qz nails allow you to retain maximum, untainted flavor from your concentrates, and they usually heat up to the required temperature in less than 10 seconds. Quartz nails are available in the same wide variety of sizes and styles that titanium nails are, making them convenient for users of all types. However, quartz nails are not available in the Adjustable and All-In-One styles, which can be a turn off for users who use different rigs.

Using a carb cap is recommended when dabbing with a quartz nail. However, since quartz retains heat for the shortest amount of time, cooling down about as quickly as it heated up. Aside from being difficult to overheat, quartz is much more durable than glass or ceramic. A properly seasoned quartz nail will provide cleaner tastes than ceramic. Preserve your products’ terpenes by using a quartz nail for low-temperature dabs, around 500°F. Torch the bowl evenly to prevent heat stress and double a quartz nail’s lifespan. As a food and medical-grade material, quartz is completely safe to use and doesn’t release any toxic gases when heated.

Titanium (Ti) Nails

After determining that the nail is in fact a quality made product, we check the grade of titanium. It is essential that the nail is either grade 2 or grade 3 titanium, as these retain heat well for dabbing and have minimal or no harmful by-products. Through a number of tests, however, we have determined that grade 2 titanium is the best.

Titanium nails are virtually indestructibility. Unlike quartz or ceramic, titanium will survive being dropped onto hard surfaces like tile — multiple times. Most titanium nails are properly heated within 15 to 25 seconds and can retain heat for a decent amount of time. However, titanium is not food and medical grade like ceramic and quartz so do your research on the manufacturing company before making a purchase to avoid high-iron-level, carcinogenic titanium that’s been cheaply produced. After heavy use, a Ti nail may creating a thin layer of titanium oxide which can affect its productivity. Following the water-dipping method, this oxidation is easily removable. Unseasoned titanium nails will add a heavy metallic taste to your concentrates so make sure to season your titanium nail. Overheating a titanium nail is also possible and will waste concentrates by causing them to burn.

Ceramic Nails

Ceramic nails provide great taste and incredible heat retention, although it takes 30 seconds or more to be properly heated. Since ceramic doesn’t glow orange like titanium and quartz, it can be difficult to tell when the nail is hot enough. The ceramic used for nails is food and medical grade, meaning no harmful gases are released after being heated because it’s chemically inert. Being a non-porous material, ceramic doesn’t require seasoning like titanium or quartz. However, ceramic isn’t likely to withstand being dropped and is prone to fractures from heat stress caused by daily use. Heat the ceramic nail evenly to prevent cracking or breakage from heat stress. Although a ceramic nail may not look hot, it takes a long time to cool down and could still burn to the touch. Using a carb cap is recommended to maximize hits and reduce leftover concentrates from sticking to the nail.


eNails are a more recent addition to the world of dabbing, serving to make things more convenient and enjoyable for the user. An eNail is a titanium nail that is heated by a metal coil connected to an electric power box. Turning the power on transfers heat along the metal coil on to your dabbing nail.

Using an eNail, as opposed to a standard titanium, quartz or ceramic nail, comes with numerous benefits. First off, you can say goodbye to the days of buying replacement butane gas for your dabbing torch – unless, of course, you like to dab on the move. Not only that, you can also enjoy a much more accurate level of control over the temperature of your nail. Simply turn the dial on the box to the desired temperature, and enjoy those sweet-tasting dabs!

Various Sizes & Joint Styles

Dabbing NailsThe nail that you will choose will be largely determined on your rig. Adjustable Nails and All-In-One Domeless Nails are best for people who have multiple rigs of different sizes and joint styles (male and female), those who would like one nail to use with all of them. For users who tend to stick to a certain joint size and style, there are numerous options. Though not all of our nails work with both male and female joints, we have selections that range from 10mm to 19mm, as well as nails that fit multiple sizes (such as the Stepper Domeless Nail that fits either 10mm/14mm or 14mm/19mm female ground joints).

Check out our Joint Size & Types Guide for more information about rig and nail compatibility.

Do I Need An American-Made Nail?

All-in-One Domeless Nail

The Yo Dabba Dabba All-In-One Domeless Nail can be constructed to fit any type of joint.

“Is it manufactured in the USA?”  This is important not only because we like to support the United States’ industry, but because the titanium used in American-made products is a higher quality and safe for dabbing. Be careful when buying titanium nails off sites like eBay and Amazon. Though these nails may be significantly cheaper, more often than not they are imported from China and might not be safe to use. Some manufactures use low quality materials or even lie about the product. Over time, these nails will turn funky colors, oxidize quickly, and give off by-products that can be very harmful to the user.

That is not to say that all overseas manufactures produce poor quality products. We have shopped dozens of different factories and have found a few quality producers. We have tested all of our imported products using a metal alloy tester to ensure we supply only pure titanium alloy in our nails.

What Is The Best Nail For You?

As with most things in life that depends. When starting out I would recommend purchasing a titanium nail as it will be the most versatile. However it is important that you do your research before spending any money on a nail. Take your time, shop around, and decide what nail will be the best option for you. Also, don’t be afraid to fork out the extra bit of money for a good nail. Though it might not seem like there is a huge difference, there really is, and the age-old saying comes in handy here: You get what you pay for.


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